The topic of visualization made us access a basic instinct we use everyday, visualizing. While looking through the readings I found the article “what does 200 calories look like?” which really resonated with me due to my keen interest in nutrition and fitness. I responded with this article because of its content which helped explain the topic of visualization in a way that was easily understandable. From this article i looked around for ways that information can be re-told to consumers in a way that is interesting and new and can allow the public to interact with them more than they would with writing on paper.

I found this video on youtube that showed a range of temperature’s through an interesting viual tool.


Resource List:

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Crucial: spend a bit of time on looking at the information graphics on <> and some VJing, <>

This is a great example of very technically easy but effective information graphic. <>

Oilchange International <>

and just because it is wonderful: look at Edward’s Tufte’s poster on power point. <>

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