PIRACY IS A CRIME” is plastered on absolutely everything these days. Every DVD or CD has at least one notice saying that piracy is a crime. Even in video stores (if those still exist) have these signs or are playing the ad in store. But as you can see from the comments attached to the video above, its message isn’t really being heard.

Piracy is easy to accidentally fall prey to. My sweet innocent mother recently came back from an overseas trip to bali and when the gift giving ceremony began she proudly displayed up to a 100 pirated DVD’s looking proud as punch she exclaimed that they only cost a $1 each. But physical copies of movies and music are becoming the least problematic with most content being streamed directly online or downloaded from sites such as pirate bay.

These streaming sites appeal to a younger audience who follow specific television shows that are released overseas before they are shown in Australia. This temptation of seeing the next episode before anyone else spurs alot of people into downloading from illegal sites.

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