Nothing is ever black and white.

I thought publishing was simple. Just print on paper or some typing on some screen but it is alot more complex than i first thought!

This week we were focusing on social and technological interactions calling “Publishing Assemblages” which has come about due to drastic changes within publishing. The concept focuses on how technology influences the way we express, form and distribute content, but still focusing on the influence publics have on publishing.

Publishing Assemblages go hand in hand with another concept called Actor Network Theory. This method encourages you to think about assemblages with careful consideration and to treat all elements and relations as equally as possible.

The creator of the Actor Network Theory, Bruno Latour, takes into consideration both human and non-human “actants” within the networks.

Resource List:

Before class, you will need to begin to think through some moments in the history of publishing. There’s actually not a lot of reading (although you should have read the above carefully). The following short readings will help you with the methods involved:

‘Actor Network Theory’, Wikipedia, <> (very short, very useful summary of Latour)

‘Actor Network Rochambeau’, any-space-whatever blog, <>, November 14, 2010 (on Latour)

‘A New Philosophy of Society: Assemblage Theory and Social Complexity’, Wikipedia, <> (on DeLanda’s assemblage theory .. look first at the examples at the end)